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Office Moving Services

Eagle Movers in Nairobi is a top office Moving services in Nairobi provider. We undertake commercial office relocation projects on a daily basis covering all aspects of office moving services in nairobi Kenya. Our diligent team of movers will be sure to provide you with a professional office moving services in Nairobi with prompt timing, exceptional service and the utmost care.

If you are on the lookout for the best office movers in Nairobi, get in touch with us today, and we will let you know what we can do to extend a helping hand.

Our Office Moving Services include:

  • Inventory of all items that will be relocated
  • Packing of the items to be relocated, including crating and packaging of sensitive document
  • Loading and transportation by an experienced team
  • Expertise of a project management team to plan the relocation
  • Transportation, disassembly, and assembly of modular furniture
  • Transportation and relocation of electronics
  • Short-haul and long-haul delivery
  • Monitoring of delivery status

We also uphold the ethics of the business fully, and you can be sure that your documents are also in safe hands. Our staff of movers is well trained and fully knowledgeable, and will respect the privacy of your documents and other items at your request. Our office moving services include both in the city and beyond the boundaries. We will also facilitate offloading of furniture and other property and setting them up in the new office.This ensures that minimum effort is required on your part, giving you peace of mind and allowing you time to attend to other wanting issues.Our office moving services are very affordable depending on certain aspects like distance and property. As such, all office owners in Nairobi looking to move can be guaranteed of quality and affordable services.

Our goal is to minimize the stress of moving. Eagle movers crew are led by experienced foremen who value politeness, efficiency and at the utmost, safety for your belongings and our workers. All of our trucks are serviced regularly.  The crews go through company training program for packing, wrapping and customer service.

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